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Arts and Textile Tours


Travel to exoctic places and share our love and enthusiam for the arts.

Our escorted small group textiles, ceramics, photography, art and craft tours travel to exotic locations not only for the sheer pleasure of being there but an opportunity to soak up the local rich cultural and craft experiences. We love to share our enthusiasm and our mutual love of the arts and crafts with other traditional artisians different from that of our own.  We visit a variety of workshops and homes to see artisans in action and discover completed fabrics and textiles that can expand our own repertoire of skills that help you refresh and allow you to develop a new understanding and insight into our own work. Our textile tours are not just about seeing the sights but trying something new as you will have the opportunity to work with the local artisans.  Along the way we walk, talk, laugh, listen, discover and explore the delights of a range of artistic workshops, arts and culture with local and international cuisine to inspire us.

You will travel with an experienced well travelled Australian tour leader as well as a very professional local guide.

UZBEKISTAN: Boutique VIP Silk Road Tour with Textiles & Ceramics -16 Days

8th - 23rd October 2019 :

Tashkent | Ferghana (Kokand, Margilan, Andijan, Riston) Tashkent | Khiva | Bukhara | Samarkand | Tashkent

Welcome to Uzbekistan! This is a Central Asian gem just waiting to be discovered. With its medieval cities, stunning architecture and colourful history, we uncover all facets of arts and crafts on our journey including textiles suzani, ceramics and other crafts. We travel to Ferghana, rich in textiles and ceramics. We visit all the major UNESCO Heritage listed cities that were trading posts on the Silk Road and explore an amazing variety of their crafts. Come join us and will meet artisans and participate in their workshops; perhaps add inexpensive examples to your own collection or just interact with local people and merchants along the way.

16 days from AUS4380 pp

Boutique VIP Tours
Luxury / Deluxe

INDIA: Boutique VIP "Jewels & Gems of Rajasthan - Women's Tour" - 15 days

Enquiries Welcome

Delhi | Agra | Jaipur | Pushkar | Jodhpur | Poshina | Udaipur

Experience the unique magic of India. Absorb its fascinating collage of colour, it’s amazing history and grand monuments so full of contrasts. A country of Maharajas, Princes, Forts, opulent palatial Palaces, bustling cities, markets and bazaars with haggling vendors in bright turbans and women in colourful saris. This leisurely women’s journey travels through the classic sights of Rajasthan. We stay in some of India’s finest palaces and havelis. Along the way we walk, talk, laugh, listen and shop as we explore and discover the delights of former princely state of Rajasthan.

15 days from US$6220 pp

Boutique VIP Tours
Deluxe / Luxury

CHINA: "Shanghai International Literary Festival & Tour" March 2019

15th - 25th March 2019

Shanghai | Xian | Hangzhou | Shanghai

Join us at this fantastic Book Group meeting - the Shanghai International Literary Festival and meet a number of Australian and international writers that present their books here in this amazing vibrant city of Shanghai. We also visit Xian and the amazing Terracotta Warriors and visit the beautiful city of Hangzhou, famous for its West lake.. After 15 years this will be the final SILF at M on the Bund. Places will be limited so please book early. Thank you

12 days from AU$5590

BT&T Boutique VIP Tour

TURKEY - Boutique VIP Culinary & Cultural Tour - 11 days


Istanbul | Cappadocia | Bodrum | Istanbul

This tour is hosted by food & wine specialists to ensure you experience Turkey through the eyes, lives and tastes of its people and sample the amazingly diverse food and culture of this melting pot that is Turkey. Meet the local people and share their stories, cuisine and passion for living - like you have never done before. Visit local markets and ethnic restaurants and delight in the sounds and sights at the meeting of two continents. This is a wonderfully inspiring cultural and foodie tour. Join us and share our passion.

11 days from US $4100 pp

Boutique VIP Tour
Luxury / Deluxe

INDIA: Boutique VIP Gujarat Textile & Arts Tour - 13 days

October / November 2019

Ahmedabad | Patan | Modhera | Dasada | Bajana | Bhuj | Hodka & Banni Village | Bhuj

This wonderful tour takes us into one of the most remote areas of India, to villages where embroidery and textiles have been a way of life for generations. As we travel Gujarat, we meet local artisans and learn about the techniques they use, the traditions surrounding their textiles and various crafts and how they live. Join us and participate in workshops for embroidery and block print with masters and be mesmerized and inspired by this wonderful journey. If you love textiles, or know someone who does, you are all invited to join us.

13 days from AU$3250 pp

BT&T Boutique VIP Tour
Luxury & Deluxe

JAPAN: Boutique VIP "Cherry Blossom Tour - Women's Tour"

29th March - 11th April 2020

Tokyo | Mt Fuji | Takayama | Kanazawa | Kyoto | Hiroshima | Osaka

Are you interested in travelling to Japan but not sure what to expect? Then come along and join us as a solo traveller or with a girlfriend and travel with like-minded women as we walk, talk, listen and laugh and discover more than 2,000 years of both the traditional and modern history and culture of Japan.

14 days from AU$9,500.00

BT&T Boutique VIP Tour

INDIA: Festival of Colours - Holi Festival Luxury Tour - 13 days

14th - 26th March 2019

Delhi | Agra | Ranthambore National Park | Jaipur | Udaipur | Jodhpur

Join our special Holi Festival Tour of Rajasthan India and indulgence in an amazing cultural and festival experiences of this incredible country where everyday of life is a new celebration. This specially designed Itinerary, is punctuated with amazing moments and it will make you feel its heart and soul. The stories of Costumes and Turbans, Languages and People, Palaces and Jungles, Desert and Life will leave you spellbound! Take the plunge into this cultural and festival extravaganza with us!!

!3 days from $9980.00pp

BT&T Boutique VIP
Luxury Tour

Sri Lanka

August 2019


Sri Lanka is an Island

14 days from $5990. pp

BT&T Boutique VIP
Luxury / Deluxe Tour