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CHINA: Shanghai international Literary Festival & Tour

13th Sep 2018 Comments


As one of Melbourne’s specialist boutique international tour providers, we love nothing more than curating a tour that suits special interests. Run in small, intimate groups our tours offer a way to travel in style and to ensure you are travelling with like-minded people who can enrich your experience.
We often have clients come to us wanting to pursue items on their travel bucket list. Their circle of friends and family may not have the same interests or passions. Why should you miss out on the fun just because they don’t want to go?

INDIA: Mirror Work

23rd Jul 2018 Comments

INDIA: Learn how to do Mirror Work

The craft of Mirror work has been in vogue for centuries and is popularly known as “Sheesha” or “Abhala Bharat” embroidery. This is an art form in which mirrors of various shapes are fixed on to the fabric through embroidery. . Join our Gujarat Textile Tour workshops and you to will be able to master this skill.

UZBEKISTAN: Margilan Bazaar

8th Feb 2018 Comments

Located in the south of the Fergana Valley, Margilan lies in a picturesque place that formerly was right at the crossroads of trade caravans from China to the West and vice versa. The origin of Margilan is closely related to the opening of the Silk Road. Even though the birth of city is not regarded to this ancient caravan route, then certainly the Silk Road made Margilan the center of silk and chief keeper of its secrets. As far back as in the 10th century Margilan - the largest city in the Ferghana Valley - was widely known for its silk products on far West and East.

UZBEKISTAN: Rishton Ceramics

30th Jan 2018 Comments

The small city of Rishton is in the Ferghana Region of Uzbekistan located east of Tashkent, halfway between Kokand and Ferghana. Rishton is one of the most famous and oldest centers of ceramics in Uzbekistan. Legend claims that the art is over 800 years old, passed down from generation to generation. A fine quality reddish-yellow clay deposit 1-1.5 meters deep and 0.5-1.5 meters thick underlies almost the whole Rishton area. The clay can be used without refinement or addition of other types of clay from other regions.

CHINA: Shanghai International Literary Festival

19th Jan 2018 Comments


Boutique Tours & Travel invites you to join them at the 16th Shanghai International Literary Festival. This annual literary feast is a glorious mix of writers from around the world including novelists, food writers, journalists, intellectuals, historians and travel writers.

CHINA: Xian Terracotta Warriors

19th Jan 2018 Comments

Join our Shanghai International Literary Festival and Tour and we also vist the amazing Terracotta Warriors. The Terracotta Army was discovered on 29 March 1974 by farmers digging a water well approximately 1.5 kilometres (0.93 mi) east of the Qin Emperor's tomb mound at Mount Li   region  with underground springs and watercourses.

TRAVEL TIPS: 21 Top Travel Tips.

11th Jul 2017 Comments

21 Top Travel Tips.

Over the years we've lived and learned from our own time spent on the road. We've chatted up fellow travel nuts, and we've done plenty of research to find the most clever, creative, and efficient time-saving and stress-reducing top tips every traveler should know -- and we compiled them all into this handy list.

JAPAN: Cherry Blossoms

25th Apr 2017 Comments

Cherry Blossoms

Welcome to Japan’s pink world of cherry blossoms. It is impossible to think of springtime in Japan without an iconic image of a sea of cherry trees awash with perfect pink blooms instantly coming to mind. if you think this might be something you would like to see in your lifetime then consider our Cherry Blossom Tour.   

TRAVEL TIPS: How to Avoid Jet Lag

13th Apr 2017 Comments

Jet lag can ruin a holiday if you’re falling asleep over breakfast and staring at the ceiling at night. Then perhaps follow these easy steps to be jet-lag-free.
Most people who have done a long-haul flight have experienced the debilitating result of super-fast international travel; the one that causes normally high-functioning adults to fall dead asleep in their soup before main course. However, according to meditation expert and founder of 1 Giant Mind, Jonni Pollard, jet lag isn’t inevitable. Pollard says there are several elements necessary for reducing the effects of jet lag and if you get them right, it will never darken your door – or under your eyes - again.

INDIA: Gujarat Textile Tour - Indigo Dyeing

28th Mar 2017 Comments

That Blue Colour’ – is and ancient artisanal colour of the world. If you are interested in finding out more about Indigo dyeing please join us.
Natural Indigo is amongst one of the oldest dyes in the world and has been part of the history of many ancient civilisations in countries ranging from India, China, Africa, the Middle East and Japan.