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China Tours

Experience Majestic China:

China is full of history and culture; a land of red pagodas, cosmopolitan cities, breathtaking natural beauty, forbidden cities, great walls and the incredible terracotta warriors. Discover its amazing colourful culture, the ancient silk road, the amazing three gorges and enjoy fabulous food. Share with us this rich cultural and heritage, impressive sights and new experiences that cannot fail to enchant and captivate even the most seasoned traveller.  We are thrilled to be being able to offer to you an authentic travel experience. Discover the wonders of China and share our passion in the journey.

CHINA: Golden Triangle Tour - 12 Days

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Shanghai | Xian | Beijing | Tongli | Suzhou

Experience the very best of China’s treasures in 12 days. Shanghai was referred to as the ‘Paris of the East’. Discover Xian, the old Imperial Capital of China, & visit the incredible Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum. Onto Beijing, the Northern Capital of modern China and home to many historical and cultural treasures. Wander through the classic gardens of Suzhou; the ‘Venice of the East’. Enjoy a delightful gondola ride in the water village of Tongli. Join us and share our passion in the journey.

CHINA: China Dolls Women's Small Group Tour -12 days

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Shanghai | Tongli, Suzhou | Beijing | Hong Kong

This fabulous 12 day Women’s only small group tour to China; Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong is designed to ensure that we see all the major sites and still have time for great shopping experiences whilst enjoying delicious cuisine with the locals and fine dining at stunning restaurants. Our girls’ getaway caters for both girlfriends and singles and offer a great chance for women from all walks of life to get together, make new friends and exchange ideas. If this sounds great then why not join us and share the passion in our journey.

CHINA: Golden Highlights Tour - 14 days

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Beijing | Xi’an | Guilin | Yangshuo | Longsheng | Shanghai

China offers a kaleidoscope of both traditional and modern landscapes. Experience the very best of China’s treasures in 14 days. We visit cosmopolitan Shanghai, Guilin and the Li River and witness the incredible Terracotta Warriors. Explore Beijing and climb the Great Wall at Mutianyu. We fly between major centres so you arrive refreshed with more time for sightseeing. Gather a couple of friends, even as a solo traveller and come join us and share our passion in the journey.

CHINA: "Shanghai International Literary Festival" 28th February - 9th March 2020

28th February - 9th March 2020


Join us at this fabulous Book Group gathering - the Shanghai International Literary Festival. Meet a number of Australian and international writers that present their books here in this amazing vibrant city of Shanghai. This will be the 18th Shanghai Literary Festival at M on the Bund. Places are limited so please book early. Thank you Michelle Garnaut for this memorable journey. There is an option to journey in China for 5 days. Please contact BT&T to discuss the options.

10 days

BT&T Boutique VIP Tour

CHINA: China Discovery Small Group Tour - 18 days

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Beijing | Xian | Guilin | Yangshuo | Longsheng | Shanghai (Suzhou & Tongli) Yangtze River Cruise