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France Tours

Travel to France and experience its “Art of Living".

Come to Paris and discover its "joie de vivre" first hand.  Discover Paris, the “City of Lights,” with its timeless monuments and the eternal city of museums and art collections.  Come to Paris and indulge in the gourmet delights of the capital, its trendy neighbourhoods, the creativity of its fashionable boutiques, the tinkling of champagne glasses, the smell of coffee and freshly baked baguettes: Experience the essence of Paris.  Be overwhelmed by the enormity of the amazing Château de Versailles. Visit the quaint village of Giverny and explore Monet’s beautiful garden. Wonder through the amazing ornate chateaux’s in the Loire Valley and the 13th century island abbey of Mont-St-Michel. Explore the countryside of Provence and the legendary landscapes and feel the sophistication of Côte d’Azur. Travel to the wine Mecca’s and enjoy degustation in Burgundy, Bordeaux and Champagne. Dine in a bistro or at a Michelin three-star restaurant, relax in a sidewalk café, enjoy this wonderful atmosphere and watch the world pass by. 

FRANCE: Paris - Covered Passages of Time

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Les passages couvert (covered) or arcades as they are known in English, conjure up a wonderful picture of Paris in the first half of the nineteenth century. Such covered walking areas for shopping and dining sprung up over the Right bank from the Louvre to the Grand Boulevards. Join our tour guide for you own private 2 hour tour of these beautiful historical passages.

2 Hours from €35 pp

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FRANCE: Champagne & Burgundy Gourmet & Wine Tour - 5 Days

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Paris | Champagne (Epernay) | Puligny-Montrachet | Burgundy | Cote de Beaune | Cote de Nuits | Dijon | Paris

Indulge in this 5 day gourmet & wine tour and discover Champagne, Troyes and Burgundy, Cote de Beaune, Cote de Nuits and Dijon with wines and food of Champagne and Burgundy presented by the experts. Visit prestigious vineyards and discover why the art of living finds its home in Burgundy. This is the ultimate luxury gastronomy and wine indulgence tour of France.

5 days from €3380 pp

Suggested Tour Itinerary

FRANCE: Boutique Foodie Tour - 10 days

31st August - 10th September 2021

Paris, Dordogne – Sarlat-la-Caneda, Bordeaux

Join our fabulous Boutique Foodie Tour in France in September and indulge in the French lifestyle. We spend three wonderful days in Paris tasting and walking the fabulous left Bank with all it has to offer. Be inspired when we join a delicious cooking class, an experience not to be missed. We then head to the fabulous Dordogne enjoying villages, food and natural wonders as you ascend the dizzy heights especially when it comes to the amazing food and we have a sensational cooking class for you to participate in. Its then onto Bordeaux with food glorious food everywhere. Should say, yes there is free time to stop and shop with a Happy Hour or two along the way.