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India Tours

Travel to India and experience Incredible India:

We offer a boutique selection of escorted small group tours, extension tours and private journeys to suit all styles of travel. India offers an exotic and tempting smorgasbord of sights and sounds and a colourful panorama that cannot fail to fascinate and captivate you. Come get a taste of Indian cuisine, absorb its many cultural flavours, relish its natural beauty and its historical sites; with a culture and history dating back centuries. Our dedicated team in Australia and India have created well planned tours to the sub-continent based on years of experience that enables us to cater for the needs of all travellers. So join us and discover the wonders of India and share our passion in the journey.

INDIA: "Luxury Classic & Country Royal Rajasthan Tour" - 18 Days

Enquiries Welcome

Delhi | Agra | Ranthambore National Park | Jaipur | Nimaj | Jodhpur | Jaisalmer | Narlai | Udaipur | Mumbai/Delhi

Rajasthan, the ‘Land of Kings’ is India at it most colourful region. This is the home of the proud Rajput princes who have controlled this part of India for a thousand years. Their fortified cities and citadels now enthral the traveller. The people add that brilliant splash of colour and the state contains some of the most impressive wildlife sanctuaries in the whole of India. Our journey will take us to some unforgettable sites in Rajasthan.

18 days from TBC

Suggested Itinerary

INDIA: Boutique VIP Gujarat Textile & Arts Tour - 13 days

October / November 2020

Ahmedabad | Patan | Modhera | Dasada | Bajana | Bhuj | Hodka & Banni Village | Bhuj

This wonderful tour takes us into one of the most remote areas of India, to villages where embroidery and textiles have been a way of life for generations. As we travel Gujarat, we meet local artisans and learn about the techniques they use, the traditions surrounding their textiles and various crafts and how they live. Join us and participate in workshops for embroidery and block print with masters and be mesmerized and inspired by this wonderful journey. If you love textiles, or know someone who does, you are all invited to join us.

13 days from AU$4950 pp

BT&T Boutique VIP Tour
Luxury & Deluxe

INDIA: Golden Triangle Tour

Departs Daily

Delhi | Agra | Jaipur |

Our Golden Triangle Tour includes Delhi, Agra and Jaipur and offers a glimpse of the amazing kaleidoscope of colours, some of the cultural diversity and history of India whilst indulging in the flavours, sensations and aromas; a true feast for all your senses. This luxury or deluxe tour is available all year round; an unforgettable journey.

INDIA: Holi Festival - Festival of Colours Luxury Tour -11 days

March 2021

Delhi | Agra | Jaipur | Udaipur | Jodhpur

Join our special Holi Festival of Colours Luxury Tour of Rajasthan India and indulgence in an amazing cultural and festival experiences of this incredible country where everyday of life is a new celebration. This specially designed Itinerary, is punctuated with amazing moments and it will make you feel its heart and soul. The stories of costumes and turbans, languages and people, palaces and jungles, desert and life will leave you spellbound! Take the plunge into this cultural and festival extravaganza with us!!

!3 days from $9980.00pp

BT&T Boutique VIP
Luxury Tour

INDIA: Kolkata & West Bengal: Textile & Tribes Tour: 11 days & Nagaland Extension Tour; 3 days.

25th November - 5th December 2020 & 5th - 8th December 2020

Kolkata | Maheshganj | Murshidabad | Shantiniketan | Bishnupur | Kolkata - Dimapur

This tour is an introduction to crafts specific to this region. We meet a number of masters of their craft and issues important to each community to sustain their craft. There are opportunities to purchase high quality items from the craftspeople. You will discover an Intimate knowledge of the local people, history, culture, arts and food of regional West Bengal. Our small group explorative journey into rural Bengal allows for culturally sensitive aficionados of the arts seeking to “meet the makers.” to complete this magical experience join us on the Nagaland extension tour to the spectacular Annual Hornbill Festival with all the regions' tribes and more fabulous textiles.

11 days 0r 14 days

BT&T Boutique VIP
Deluxe Tour

INDIA: Boutique Rajasthan Gems, Jewels & Textile Tour - November 2020

October / November 2020: Enquiries Welcome

Delhi | Agra | Jaipur | Jodpur | Udaipur

Join Boutique Tours & Travel on a fabulous Rajasthan Gems, Jewels & Textile Tour with our expert local guide (Phd History of local Arts & Crafts) visiting fabulous workshops and homes