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Uzbekistan Tours

Silk Road Tours in Uzbekistan:

Our Silk Road journeys through Uzbekistan reflect its history as being at the crossroads of ancient civilizations thanks to its location along the rich ancient highway called the Silk Road. Land-locked and Stan-locked, it was once one of the most vital hubs on the world’s most important trade routes. The country boasts some of the finest architectural jewels among the Silk Road countries. The great cities of Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand, and Shakhrisabz are all UNESCO World Heritage sites. Then there is the oasis of Uzbekistan, the Ferghana Valley, nicked name the Golden Valley for its fertile land is rich in a number of natural resources. Apart from sightseeing, visitors can engage in a number of recreational activities, mostly involving scenic valleys, snow-clad mountains, and vast barren deserts; there are many travel experiences to participate in. We also uncover facets of arts and crafts including textiles suzani ceramics and other crafts. Uzbekistan is home to a number of ancient and medieval monuments.  Join us and come to Uzbekistan on our magic carpet ride and discover why this country is a treasure trove of history and culture and so much more.

UZBEKISTAN: Boutique VIP Silk Road Tour with Textiles & Ceramics -16 Days

28th September - 13th October 2021

Tashkent | Ferghana (Kokand, Margilan, Andijan, Riston) Tashkent | Khiva | Bukhara | Samarkand | Tashkent

Welcome to Uzbekistan! This is a Central Asian gem just waiting to be discovered. With its medieval cities, stunning architecture and colourful history, we uncover all facets of arts and crafts on our journey including textiles suzani, ceramics and other crafts. We travel to Ferghana, rich in textiles and ceramics. We visit all the major UNESCO Heritage listed cities that were trading posts on the Silk Road and explore an amazing variety of their crafts. Come join us and will meet artisans and participate in their workshops; perhaps add inexpensive examples to your own collection or just interact with local people and merchants along the way.

16 days from AUS TBC 

Boutique VIP Tours
Luxury / Deluxe

UZBEKISTAN: Luxury Golden Road to Samarkand Tour - 10 Days

Enquiries Welcome

Tashkent | Bukhara | Samarkand | Tashkent

For travellers who just wish to briefly capture the essence of Uzbekistan then this tour is suitable for you. You visit three glorious cites of the ancient Silk Road: Bukhara, famous for scholars and artists and ancient breathtaking buildings. Shakhrisabz, home of Tamerlane and his magnificent Ak-Saray Palace. Samarkand, the noble city with its dazzling blue domes and the splendid Registan, that is the centre of all things in Samarkand.

10 days from AU$2880 pp

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Luxury / Deluxe 

UZBEKISTAN: Luxury Silk Road Tour - 12 Days

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Journey through the fascinating heart of Central Asia that is Uzbekistan. It lies astride the Silk Road, It has played host to waves of conquerors and nomads. The legacy they left behind can be seen in the intricate Islamic tile work, turquoise domes, minarets and preserved relics in the towering fortresses of Khiva and Bukhara, and the Islamic architecture of Samarkand. Let the legends of the Silk Road come to life with some dazzling reminders of its glorious heyday.

12 days from AU$3180 pp

Suggested Tour Itinerary
Luxury / Deluxe